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Wholesale Area is Password Protected 

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In order to keep wholesale information (especially pricing information) confidential, Sunshine Glassworks has password protected our Wholesale Web Site.
In order to allow only authorized customers into the Wholesale Only Web Site, we have added Password Protection
If you run a Stained Glass Business, but do not have a Wholesale Account at Sunshine Glassworks, please click here for more information on applying for Wholesale Status.

When you click the "Enter Wholesale Only Web Site" link at left, a password dialog box (similar to box below) will come up.  Enter your USER NAME and PASSWORD into the proper spaces. All entries must be made in lower case.  CAPITAL LETTERS will give you an error message.

What is your USER NAME and PASSWORD?  See Page WP-02 of your Confidential Wholesale Price List for these entries.  It is also listed in the current Wholesale Flyer, next to the CURRENT SOLDER PRICES box. 

Click here to Enter Wholesale Only Web Site


This is a SAMPLE of what your Dialog Box might look like.
Don't try to enter user or password info on graphic above.
You won't see the REAL Dialog Box until you click on links in the yellow margin to the left. 


The Password Dialog Box that you will see will look much like the one above.  Enter User Name and Password in the spaces provided.  To make return visits to this site easier, be sure to check the "Save this Password" option box.  

Need help?  Can't remember your password?  Check the right-hand column on page WP-02 of your yellow Wholesale Price Booklet for your USER NAME and PASSWORD and hints on using our Wholesale Only website.  If you need more assistance, please give  us a call at 800-828-7159 (in Greater Buffalo, 668-2918).  Please have your ID# handy (every Wholesale Customer at Sunshine has an ID# ... find it on the cover of your catalog or on the mailing label from any recent mailing).  We will use your ID# to verify your status before we give out your password.  Or e-mail us with your ID# and we will e-mail your user name & password back to you.

Click here to Enter Wholesale Only Web Site

Once you have entered the wholesale only section, you may go anywhere else on the World Wide Web.  When you return to our Password Protected Site, you will NOT have to re-enter with a password so long as you have not closed your browser since the last time you visited our Wholesale Only section.  Your browser will remember that you've entered the password earlier and will let you back in.  

updated 11/29/04

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